Guyana Birdlife

Guyana, situated in close proximity to Venezuela, Suriname and Kiskadee, Guyana Brazil, shares many of the bird species of the Amazonian region.kiskadee

Of 900 varieties of birds known in this former British colony, two are in permanent residence in our garden:Kiskadee, Guyana

The Kiskadee flycatcher, noisy and boisterous, is known for its distinctive cry: charmingly, similar to the French phrase ‘Qu’ est-ce que dit?’

Kiskadee, Guyana Besides catching insects in the air, it will grab lizards and mice, and eat all manner of berries, peppers and fruits, making it very adaptable.

Each male mates with one female only, from late Kiskadee, Guyana March onwards, resulting in 2-5 ivory and brown speckled eggs, which are nurtured in a dome-shaped nest of sticks, grass, moss and bark.



The White-chested Emerald Hummingbird weighs just 4.6g andWhite-chested Hummingbird, Guyana is only 9cm long.

Feeding on insects and nectar, it’s call sound is a repetitive ‘tche-tche-tche-tche-tche’.

White-chested hummingbird, GuyanaEggs are laid in a small cup-shaped nest, attached to a horizontal tree branch, and made of plant-fibres.

Our latest visitor is a Lineated Woodpecker (quite large at 34cm beak to tip) with a vivid red crescent.lineated woodpecker, Guyana


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