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Isle of Skye, Scotland

  Isle of Skye: soft heathland and sparkling waters, misty mountains and creatures of fin, fur and wool       Advertisements

How to… Have Fun on Nova Scotia’s Brier Island: Whales and Wilderness

Looking for a secluded get-away, fabulous coastal scenery and the chance to get in touch with your ‘wild’ side? Nova Scotia’s Brier Island is the answer: small yet perfectly formed at just l.5… Continue reading

Top Ten … Wondrous Travel Quotes

 Top Ten …  Wondrous Travel Quotes ‘All major cities are divided into two parts: the bits that are in the guidebook and the bits that aren’t. If you don’t take a guidebook, you’ll… Continue reading

The Guatemalan Collection

How to Behave … at ‘Hell’s Gate’

How to Behave … at ‘Hell’s Gate’   Not the Devil’s front door, but New Zealand’s Rotorua: a steaming, volcanic casserole. If you can stand the smell, then Hell’s Gate may be your… Continue reading

The Jordanian Collection

How to Behave … at a Russian Banya

As the British love tea, so do Russians love the banya. Visit with friends, to catch up on gossip while submitting to the steam.   Fling modesty to the wind, donning only a… Continue reading

How to Behave … in a Togolese Fetish Market

How to Behave … in a Togolese Fetish Market   If you ever find yourself in Lomé, the French-speaking capital of Togo, don’t miss out on a trip to the fetish market: home… Continue reading

The Ghanaian Collection

Road Trip

Originally posted on Diplomatic Dog:
Road trips took us to the forest, beach and hills, to Cornwall, Devon and Dorset, Norfolk, Scotland and Ireland (and sniffs at plenty of places inbetween).

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